About Us

Opening the world through life literacy

Opening the world through life literacy

Stellar opens a world of opportunities for learners by providing them with a well-rounded, learner-centred, and transformational education that prepares them for life.

Our Philosophy

Education should prepare learners beyond academics. After 15 years of schooling, learners should not just be textbook literate but also be literate in world matters, literate about empathy and compassion, literate about environmental issues and behaviour that can bring change, and literate in everyday skills such as accounts, taxes, law, sports, arts and nutritional wisdom. Stellar exists to develop Life Literate Learners.

Our Schools

Our 3 campuses are strategically set in Bandra, Andheri and Goregaon to serve the community of discerning and evolved parents living in the western part of Mumbai. Our state of the art IoT enabled campuses provide an unparalleled learning environment with excellent internal air quality, all-weather playgrounds, biophilic interiors and collaborative classrooms. Everything at Stellar is designed to fuel creativity, engagement and agency.

Academic Leadership Team

The vision to bring Life Literacy alongside the curriculum is helmed by an experienced team of internationally recognised educators. Each one of them has worked in multiple countries and helped learners from diverse communities. Their dynamic and diverse experiences will help build an environment that fosters learning and develop life literate learners.

Our Board of Advisors

Stellar is the shared vision of its esteemed panel of the board of Advisors to create a more resilient and progressive society by preparing its learners for the future. The school takes pride in introducing Life Literacy as a major part of the learning experience with rich opportunities for experiential and collaborative learning in a caring and supportive environment – a school that values curiosity, creativity and nurtures confident and global citizens of the future.